We are a Craft business ostensibly working with Kent Peg tiles, a small and regional size hand made clay tile used for many hundred of years. In recent times the supply of clay peg tiles has been overwhelmed by foreign clay imports which has led to the decimation of local hand made Kent peg tile producers.

This has resulted in the normalisation of larger tiles being used to replace traditional Kent pegs in roof renewal projects. If unabated this trend will result in the cessation of Kent Pegs in their traditional size with only larger replacements remaining which will end Kent Peg tiling as a craft on our regional properties.

To ensure the supply of our regional unique tiles we at Cranbrook Roofing have produced our our range of hand made Kent peg tiles, hand made in Kent to traditional size using traditional techniques with English clay with our stamp as a assurance of quality legacy to ensure our customers can maintain the heritage of their properties for future generations.

Hand made Traditional Kent Peg tile range

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