Timber has always been one of natures more versatile, adaptable and attractive materials. Cedar in particular, with its natural attributes of strength, beauty and durability, is today one of the most popular woods for building.

The rich, warm and natural colour and texture of Cedar shingles gives any building a touch of natural individuality that blends aesthetically with the environment. The effects of ageing giving the pleasing gradual change to a Silver Grey.

Hildenborough Pavilion

Shingles are ideal for modern and old buildings alike. There are suitable on small structures such as Gazebos and summer houses up to anything you wish to cover.

There can cover equally as well vertical elevations and pitches as low as 14º.

We worked closely with Hildenborough Parish council and its environmental policies to convert this village pavilion roof from unsightly asbestos to a pleasing natural covering blending with the surrounding park land.

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Hawkhurst Church

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