Kent peg tiling as a trade and a craft is very rare these days. Even rarer are the qualified craftsman who are trained to tile an oast. We have based much of our apprentice training on teaching those willing to learn the art of tiling a roundel.

Our knowledge and breadth of skills means that the renewal of your oast is carried out correctly and in the firm knowledge that it will not need undue attention for many years to come.

The Oast Barn, Warehorne, Kent

As featured in the Observer

At the beginning of the project the building was an empty shell with much of the timbers missing and in need of replacing having been left untouched and unloved for years.

The roundel was completely rebuilt by the client along with the roof rafters and timbers. We used local hand made clay Kent peg tiles specifically made for the roof and roundel. All aspects of the project were carried out with the local heritage in mind. The Barn is situated in a key position in the local landscape and needed to reflect the splendour of its location. We, the client and the locals are very pleased with the result.

Three Taxes Oast

The triple oast shown was before anyone started a shell of a building levelled by a doodle bug in the war. With the forward thinking of the client and the keen carpentry skills of Graeme Larkin the structures were restored. We were commissioned to cover the entire roof structure shown in new hard baked tiles. This we believe was completed naturally and sympathetically with the building.

For this prestige project Wayne Wills won the Clay roof Tile National award for roofer of the year in clay tiling in 2004.

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