Our roofers are renowned for their expertise in the ancient art of Kent peg tiling. For three generations our fathers have passed down the craft to their sons. Since Albert Wills all those years ago we have been improving the skyline all over the south of England.

Kent peg tiling is a rare craft and should be carried out with respect to the natural materials and surroundings you are working with. We are dedicated to the upkeep of our local heritage and regularly work alongside local conservation officers, planning officials and keen minded clients, to produce a sympathetic combination of modern day techniques and old age wisdom.

Our roofs can be seen on as varied structures as Summer houses, Estates, Commercial properties, Pool house complexes, barns, churches, Oasts and many more. Employing us renovate your Kent peg property is a sound investment in the properties heritage and will last for years to come.

Click the image above to view the full project


Click the image above to view the full project


Bull Stud, Hill Side

The picture shown was once a bull stud farm in the hillside of the local downs. With a bright minded local developer D. Wills combined and designed a unique and outstanding development in the countryside.

Use of reclaimed tiles and fittings together with craftsmanship has provided the client with a beautiful surroundings to live in.

Period Properties

The age and nature of England’s period properties requires special care and attention to preserve our heritage. We understand these needs and aspire to meet the concerns and expectations of our clients.

At Ashford & Cranbrook, we work closely with planning officers, building control and local conservations officers to blend modern day techniques with age-old craftsmanship.

We understand the need to conserve our natural heritage and will work alongside any trade to best produce a fitting result to any project.

As seen on the Awars and Publication page to this site, this company was chosen to represent its craftsmanship and illustrate these techniques in heritage preservation on a project in the USA. Our craftsmanship is well respected and renowned.

The ancient barn shown was carefully restored along with Davis Builders, Hawkhurst. This included renewal of shingle spire and extensive timber works throughout. The end result was to extend the life of local heritage.

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